What to do at the chalet when it rains?

What to do at the chalet when it rains?

Are you staying in a chalet for rent and have you been caught by bad weather  ? No problem. The Chalets Galaxia team has collected a multitude of things to do at the chalet during a rainy day at the chalet.

Whether you are with family, friends or lovers, we have collected the best activities that will please everyone and that will fuel your rainy days at the chalet .

1. Play board games.

From Monopoly to Scrabble, chess to charades, board games are a great way to pass the time and have fun with family or friends. The vast majority of cabins for rent on our website are equipped with multiple board games, just consult the guidebook for more information on the games available.

2. Watch a movie.

Pop some popcorn and settle in for indoor movie night with family and friends. Choose one of the many streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+ available in rental cabins equipped with smart TVs and high-speed internet.

3. Take a day at the spa.

Turn your cabin into a spa with face masks, Mani-pedi and relaxing baths… Prepare something delicious. There’s nothing like feeling good about making something delicious for friends and family. Whether it’s a classic chocolate chip cookie or a. Have a barbecue.

4. Prepare something delicious.

Try new recipes that you can make with the ingredients you have on hand in the kitchen. The kitchens of our chalets have all the necessary equipment to concoct delicious recipes.

5. Read a book or magazine.

It’s a great time to catch up on your reading list or pick up some magazines for inspiration. Take advantage of the warm atmosphere of your rental cabin to snuggle up under a blanket with a good book

6. Play video games.

From virtual racing to the Nintendo Switch, playing video games is a fun way to pass the time with family and friends. Most of the cabin rentals on our site have game consoles and internet access, so you can join your friends online.

7. Take a nap.

On rainy days you want to rest, taking a few hours to rest can be very refreshing. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of your rental cabin and take the rest you need.

8. Do crafts.

Crafting is a great way to pass the time and be creative. This is an ideal activity to do with the children on a rainy day at the cottage. There are many ideas online for DIY painting projects.

9. Take a walk in the rain.

Put on your raincoat and boots, and explore the surroundings of your rental cabin. Walking in the rain can be a refreshing and soothing experience, so don’t let the weather get in the way of enjoying nature.

10. Listen to music.

Put on your favorite playlist and dance the day away in your rental cabin. Music is a great way to improve your mood and let go of all your worries for a while.

In summary

We hope this list of activities gives you fun and entertaining ideas for a rainy day at the cottage. From board games to spa days, there’s a whole host of things to do on rainy days at one of our cabin rentals.

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