10 activities to do as a couple

In this article, we have decided to present you with 10 rewarding activities that you can undertake with your partner and which we guarantee to experience 100%!

Rent a cottage

The best idea we have to share with you is to rent a chalet, for one night, a weekend or even a slightly longer stay, an authentic chalet nestled in the heart of nature. Nothing equals the calm that the latter can offer us, if not when a marvelous chalet finds its place within it, whether at the edge of a lake, with its feet in the water, at the middle of an enchanting forest, or close to all the amenities available to the atypical villages of our region. There are many chalets for rent, all as different from each other, allowing everyone to find the rare pearl! Spending sweet moments in a chalet will give your couple an exotic experience that neither of you will be able to forget. Besides, there are also chalets for rent with a spa…

Relax at the spa

To release tension and release pressure, spending some time in a spa is a precious solution, and there’s nothing like relaxing together as a couple. The well-being provided will only be increased tenfold, opening up the entrance to a day of lounging or a romantic evening where serenity is at its height. To disconnect from routine, work, everyday life, to refocus on the essentials, relaxing at the spa with your partner is the ideal activity. It is also an activity that will only bring you benefits, thanks to the relaxation provided, you will be more relaxed, and thus less stressed, more serene, more productive in your daily life, and therefore even more at peace in your life.

Get on a canoe

If you are looking for a more invigorating activity, embarking on a canoe session seems to be quite relevant! Your partner becomes your teammate, and the paddles rhythm as you move forward. Put on your life jackets, put on your canoe shoes, and let yourself be carried away by a sunny afternoon on a majestic lake. The adventure is guaranteed!

  1. Relax by the fire

Sometimes you don’t have to engage in engaging activities, and simplicity can rhyme with quality. A good book, some music, or a session of video games… good company, and the equation is fair. The whole thing is to have the chance to enjoy the embers of a wood stove, a fireplace, or a brazier… These elements are generally present in rental chalets, and the enchanting setting will only sublimate this moment of complicity.

Have a picnic

The eternal picnic: the sweetness of the outdoors and sweet dishes by the dozen, this is the best activity for all couples looking to have a good time both non-committal and outside the home. Find a quiet place, in a park, take a sheet, your feast, and bask in the sun with your significant other.

cooking together

If you’re not in the mood to go out, and we understand you, here’s an activity you can tackle as a couple: cooking. You can start with a simple but fun idea, such as pancakes, shortbread, or a good cake, or even challenge each other with a specific theme! You can be sure to share a moment of complicity but also a real reason to have fun, warm in your cozy nest.

Eat a good meal

Cooking is fun, even playful and captivating for some, but the deadline is indeed that of eating, which is mostly even more interesting. If you are good at cooking and you like it, discover the specialties of a region for an evening by getting down to cooking. Otherwise, consult the restaurants near you: the safe bet of your companion’s favorite restaurant, or the curiosity to discover the work of another cook… In any case, the shared moment will be delicious.

Take a nature hike

Sharing adventures helps to nourish relationships, we don’t teach you anything. Put on your backpack, bring your picnic, water, put on your best shoes, and discover together corners of nature that are often not so far from home. In addition to airing your mind and maintaining your body, you will consolidate the bonds with your partner. The benefits of hiking are many!

Visit the farm animals

You have understood, simple things are often what brings a certain contentment. But when you link the value of simplicity with that of nature, you get the winning combo. Indeed, if you do not know what to do with your Saturday afternoon but you want to spend it with your partner, going to visit the farm animals is a wonderful idea. The farm is the perfect place to disconnect from the city and its ambient noise, but also to refocus on the essentials. And what could be better than doing it with your other half? Moreover, there are farms that offer the picking of its fruits and vegetables: a superb alternative to combine business with pleasure. In addition to being rewarding, this afternoon will certainly be a lot of fun.

Stroll through a market

If the market in your city or town is on the day you’re looking for ideas to fill your diary, you’ve found it. The market is the best place to stroll without stress and wander with your partner between the stalls with a thousand scents. It is also an opportunity to discover the producers in your region, and craftsmen who are passionate about their profession. But above all, you can take advantage of it to do your shopping in the open air, in an ecological way, and all without the stress of supermarkets. In addition, strolling through a market with your partner makes this activity even more enjoyable than it was originally.

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